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Why is Boundmix free Submission site one of the top Social submission Website?

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Free of cost services
Grants of image and post Sharing options
Different Categories
Spam free setup
S.E.O Friendly
Html / Editor
Tag Usage
Link Sharing (Hyperlinking.)
Possible Easy to use and much more



Content Editor Usage

Our Site makes use of Html/JavaScript codes in our Editor to provide our users with various forms of functional Features like hyperlink making, bold characters, Italic, etc.

Please make a note: one of the best features we offer Registered users over non-registered user(guest) is the ability to manage their content (editing old articles) and submission post / Article after Submission.

With Registration

You can submit your Article post with ease as it’s effortless to use while posting in seconds, without any form of complicated processes. Please do note Boundmix strives to make its services free cost.

As we also do appreciate all our members, followers, contributors and donors. Who had made Boundmix what it is today? Thank you.

Our Hopes: We hope our service becomes a known useful and fast social post an article network.

Different Categories

You can use different categories list to help boost your products, business services, and personal activities. Please note: each group category has its URL which is very helpful in S.E.O mapping. With the help of different types, you can specify your content or your post / Article accurately.

S.E.O friendly

With unique generic URL for each category, tag, and title which is very helpful for indexing one’s business on higher ranks in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. We offer different types of specific categories which would help in article linking and future implementations to come. Boundmix makes use of named as “tag” which is good for your post visibility health on Google.

If you have any question, do kindly Contact us at our contact page or Mail us at [email protected]

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