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WP WooCommerce Product Delivery Date Plugin

The plugin provides a delivery date Option for each WooCommerce Product So that user can select Delivery Date where each Product can have a...

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LuckyWP Term Description Rich Text Plugin

Description The plugin replaces plain-text editor for the category, tag and custom taxonomy term description with the built-in WordPress WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE). It allows you...

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Simple multi-currency for Woocommerce Plugin

Description Access to documentation This plugin set in Woocommerce multiple add-on options. You can set custom fees for payment for allowed shipping countries. You can...

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Comment Mention Plugin

Description Now you can enable user mention functionality in post comments without using BuddyPress plugin. This plugin is useful for those who wanted to enable mention...

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BP Birthday Greetings Plugin

Description BP Birthday Greetings is based on the original idea of Pooja Sahgal. This plugin will send a birthday greeting notification to members. You need...

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BP Custom Functionalities Plugin

Description BP Custom Functionalities provides custom functionalities that regular BuddyPress users require: Locking BuddyPress for guest users Locking bbPress for guest users Restricting BuddyPress Access...

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WP Compiler Plugin

Description Harness the power of pre-processed CSS and minified JS in your theme or plugin, without any complicated installs or build tools. Tell WP Compiler...

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Attendance Check Plugin

DescriptionAttendance Check Plugin helps logged-in users click on a button of the day in the calendar so they can get myCRED points and keep...

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Ko-Fi Button Plugin

Description Ko-fi is the original fast and friendly way for creators to fund their passions. It allows you to create your Ko-fi page and then...

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Boundmix started in as a project by me during the mid 2017. While in college during my co-op I applied to many jobs and noticed one of the thing in common most interviewers asked for, was a portfolio. As I Started the web project to add to expand my knowledge to the field I study at college. Please do freely make use of the service if you come to be in need to use it, as you can contact me if you come in need of any assistance or contact though the contact page. Thanks for visiting Boundmix

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