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Boluwatife Osisanya

Boundmix Founder

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Etobicoke, Canada

Bolu has worked as a freelance writer and web developer, while progressively developing a Large career in the IT sector. He also specialized in accessibility testing where His experience with front-end development helped inspire him to train on web designs and development backed with his degree in Computer Systems Technology Networking.
One of his believe is the way to being brilliant, is by finding ways to be of good value and impact to those around you. While remembering that creativity comes from never considering any idea useless

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The way to being brilliant, is by finding ways to be of good value and impact to those around you. Remember the path to being creative is by never considering any idea useless

Boluwatife Osisanya

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Technical support

I have strong organizational skills through evaluating and prioritizing end-user issues to maximize value in given services offered to customers by allocating the business IT Resources with the needs of the client and business project needs.

Website Creation / Development

volunteering to help develop and maintain a website for a non-profit group

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Etobicoke, ON, Canada

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The Boundmix Project

Boundmix started in as a project by me during the mid 2017. While in college during my co-op I applied to many jobs and noticed one of the thing in common most interviewers asked for, was a portfolio. As I Started the web project to add to expand my knowledge to the field I study at college. Please do freely make use of the service if you come to be in need to use it, as you can contact me if you come in need of any assistance or contact though the contact page. Thanks for visiting Boundmix

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