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Last Updated on: 12th February 2018, 08:35 am


Divinity: Original Sin II is one of the best game in my list I can recommend to anyone looking for an RPG experience. As the game could easily take over sixty hours to complete that to me makes the game more unique, I could say far better than the likes of some other games I would not mention here that gives the player a game experience time of possibly 5 to 8 hour’s campaign time frame log. As the well-constructed story is unique, so does the game-play mechanics and as It even made me go to YouTube to watch other people’s game-play to find some other task need. To put it out Simple, Divinity: Original Sin II is superb.

One of the impressive things about Divinity: Original Sin 2 is how amazingly flexible the game is. There are many various elements that can be customized even from the very start of the game. For example: when you set up your character and decide your origins, this is a true you RPG: it’s a game that wants you to decide the role you’re going to play. And the tools and resources it gives you to do this are perfect.

But where Divinity: Original Sin 2 shines is that, it’s unpredictable, from better to worse situation outcomes you experience when playing. You can be one the best players in the world, I guarantee Original Sin 2 will still find ways to test and surprise you. As there are so many skill trees to master, as also to many weapons usable, but sometimes you’ll find yourself lacking the one skill you need to take down an enemy and that is where the fun begins.


That’s the game excels as from my own view: it makes absolutely everything you do feel like it has consequence. You can trade an item that seems like junk to a merchant and realize later the item was probably the key to completing a quest you haven’t yet discovered. It’s a wonderfully interactive game, and the game world bristles with life in every new area spot you discover. Sometimes like choosing your most favored instrument could affect how the game plays out to you.

As I even noticed later on that you don’t just need to use a specific solution to solve a problem you encounter in the game as you have several various of ways you can tackle that one single problem making the game toughly flexible

As the fact that the games world is large makes it even more impressive and adaptive when you consider how differently everything can react to you based on what origin you give your playing character.

E.G: Considering you might accidentally kill an NPC character that wishes to give you a quest.

you could even be an Elvin character with a trait that lets you access the memories of the dead >> by eating them. OR have a pet that allows you to talk to animals, and giving you information you need (pet -pal)  .

One of the best feature I love is bluffing your way through conversations and deals with characters that hate your guts because of your chosen origin: there are so many dialogue options and so many unique responses Np Cs will give you, you’ll be shocked by how different a second play through with a second character will feel.

As point to note: Even though Divinity: Original Sin II allows one to order a group of 3 additional characters in addition to yours. Knowing that the game is also fully playable in cooperation (co-op), it always leaves the possibility of having at least 1 or 2 characters under your orders. The game is obviously also entirely playable solo, but the cooperation allows you to open up new horizons and this really brings a more undeniable experience. As the game is a matter of choice. So even your role at the beginning of the game can be freely changed afterwards.


This Is a RPG masterpiece, my say: Come Join the DOS community. You will love the Game. As Freedom play is a word that’s used around a lot in the world of gaming. Divinity: Original Sin II is one that I can definitely say that offers it.

Am sure if you loved the game Wither you will love this

My conclusion
This Is a RPG masterpiece, my say: Come Join the DOS community. You will love the Game. As Freedom play is a word that’s used around a lot in the world of gaming. Divinity: Original Sin II is one that I can definitely say that offers it. Am sure if you loved the game Wither you will love this
Very well-written story line and narrative section
Incredibly beautiful RPG systems asoffers amazing freedom at all times
Spectacular artistic section and soundtrack from my say
The combat system is fun and love the bluff system
The game world feels real, and Lots of scenes chapter you wish you could just replay more
Not all may like the games Difficulty level
There is no translation into Spanish, Italian
Some puzzles are time consuming
Many side missions are confusing and may be forgettable
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well-written story line
RPG Experience
Spectacular artistic soundtrack
Combat system and looks
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