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Fortnite’s upcoming big tournament will be held at Katowice

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Last Updated on: 14th February 2019, 01:51 pm

As for us Fortnite lovers, most Fortnite’s competitive events had been limited to competitions hosted directly by Epic.

However it all changes, starting next month, Fortnite will join forces with ESL, one of the largest e-sports tournament organizers, for a new event yet the change standards.

The tournament will be part of ESL Katowice, a popular esports tournament and event that will run over the course of several weekends.

The tournament will be called the ESL Katowice Royale and will feature two separate sections on two different weekends. The first, which will be held on Feb. 23 and 24, will feature 100 of the top Polish Fortnite players competing for their share of the $100,000 prize pool. The second weekend, which will take place during IEM Katowice’s main weekend on March 1-3, will feature 100 competitors from around the world. The players involved include everything from pro Fortnite players to streamers, chasing after the grand $500,000 prize pool.

Note: due to this event, there are large it’s possibilities that this could open the door for more third-party hosted Fortnite tournaments in the future.  😳  😎

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Fortnite’s upcoming big tournament will be held at Katowice

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